Quilting Tips For Beginners

Whether you are starting your quilting or if you are an expert, there is nothing wrong with getting some tips and learning a few tricks that will help you make better produce. Here are some simple tips that will help you make the perfect patchwork fabric quilt so that you can either use it for yourself or gift it to someone you love.


If you draw and cut triangles, then you can stop doing that right there. You can just cut out squares and then cut the square into triangles. This will be much more efficient and accurate. You will be able to cut up to right triangles out of one square, which is very easy.

Pinning techniques

Pinning is what takes a lot of time when you have to put your quilting fabric Australia together. There are two solutions for this. You can either you can line up the fabric pieces and then use a water-soluble flue. The second solution is that you can use sheets that can pressed by using an iron on the fabric, which will easily wash out during the first wash.

The edges

Do you have a lot of corners on the quilt? If you want neat corners then the best solution is to use some bias strips to put along the edges and then you will be able to stitch the fabric together. The edges will look neater and will prevent it from shrinking and gathering.

No scissors!

You might want to forget about scissors! Scissors can only be used to cut simpler things. However, when cutting fabric for quilting it is easier and eater to use a rotary cutter.

A free hand

Forget about sticking to a pattern and quilting. This type of quilting is called strip quilting, which is great if you do not want to stick to a particular pattern. You can quilt strips together in whatever order and choice you like. You will be able to create an ombre effect piece.

The walking machine

Use a walking foot from a sewing machine to stitch the fabrics together. You can use different sizes of the walking foot to stitch the appropriate fabrics together. if you are going to stitch heavier and thicker fabric, then it is recommended that you use the machine and feed the fabric through it.

The marks

You can always avoid the marks by using chalk markers, which will go away as soon as you wash it. Those individuals who are concerned about making finer designs use chalk markers.Remember that it does not matter if your product is not perfect! It is all about the thought that you put into making it.