Metals Used In Jewellery Making

Jewellery is something which is most commonly worn by women, and there are many fashionable diamond jewellery designs out there for women as well as for men. Every piece of jewellery has different worth and do you know why? The worth and value of jewellery depend on the quantity of material used and it also depends on what kind of metal is used. Yes, jewellery is found in so many different metals and each metal has different value and worth. Let us provide you with the list of metals which is used in jewellery making.


The most commonly used metal for jewellery is silver. When we compare it with other metals, they usually last longer which is the reason people prefer silver jewellery more than any other kind of jewellery. As it is cheaper than other metals, most of the people prefer buying it and its demand is huge because of low price and who would not want to buy a beautiful piece of jewellery at such cheap rates.


Gold is the kind of metal which is expensive as compared to silver. It is very precious as it is rarely found but the demand is huge which makes it precious and expensive than silver. The jewellery made out of gold is durable and last longer than the jewellery made out of silver. There are different types of gold such as yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

  • Yellow gold jewellery is made out of pure gold.
  • Rose gold jewellery is made out of pure gold mixed with copper.
  • White gold jewellery is made out of pure gold mixed with silver.


Platinum is also the kind of metal which is not only expensive than silver but it is expensive than gold as well. No doubt gold is hard to find but platinum is even harder to find when we compare it with the gold. It is the strongest and durable metal which is perfect for jewellery making.


After all kinds of metals, diamond is one of the most precious and expensive ones which is rarely found but sought after. Diamond jewellery is one of the most beautiful jewellery one can ever wear. Diamond is the most expensive metal and not everyone can afford it.

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